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Sturgeon Fishing

All Gear Provided

Catch and Release Days Available


$275 / Person


sturgeon fish


In the Columbia River, you’ll find White Sturgeon. While traveling from Bonneville Dam to Astoria, OR, these monstrous fish pray at the river’s bottom. Therefore, we keep an eye on them throughout the year. Because Sturgeon are bottom feeders, you should anchor your boat and drop fresh bait on the Columbia River’s bottom. From April through September, several 100-pound Sturgeon are likely to be caught. These fish have a lifespan of up to 150 years and reach a length of 15 feet.

The White Sturgeon Monsters of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers are well-known. The world’s largest freshwater fish! Trophy sturgeon range in length from 7 to 12 feet and weigh 150 and 1000 pounds. It takes almost 100 yards of line out in seconds to fight a fish this enormous, and we promise there’s nothing else like it on the planet! We go after these monsters when the shad are running, which we capture for bait the morning of the fishing excursion. So, if you’re ready for your arm to start burning and fighting the world’s largest freshwater fish, contact Bill Rivas Outdoors right away!

-All Gear Provided

-$275 a person

-MAXIMUM 4 People